Henny Mancini - Yacht Music Vol. I

Official Artwork - Henny Mancini (Yacht Music Vol. I)

I am very proud to announce the welcoming and introducing of 'Henny Mancini'. The latest member of the movement. His debut album is titled 'Yacht Music Vol.I' and it's a release with tons of uplifting notes & soulful grooves. My personal overview of his production, is that he's been kind of low-key towards the scene and kinda kept his stuff offline and haven't been sharing his art with so many other  - assumably only people within his circle.

The vision for the project was just sunny, boats, enjoying the good life and no other limitations. The times at the moment are already tough, so the approach was to give all of you listeners something to look forward to & feel the good energy.

The album can be found on all digital platforms, press here to select your favorite one & make sure to welcome the latest member!

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