Sup Nasa - Much Love

Official Artwork - Sup Nasa 'Much Love'

Today i have the honor of presenting Sup Nasa's latest EP titled 'Much Love'. He is one of the first members of the movement and been a part of multiple installations of music we've done in the past - also joined us for the first live show back in 2016.  The songs on this release is just beautiful, from start to finish - It's a 7 track journey with stunning notes.

Sup Nasa in both my eyes and ears has always been such an organic artist, i feel it just comes natural to him both on stage and in the studio producing music. I remember he mentioned his father was also a musician so this for sure runs in the family. Originally from Naples, Italy but now located in Milan to make connections & network along with other great like-minded people.

Read about his own vision for the project - 'Much Love' is a love based beat tape. Each track showcases a different degree of love. Love towards yourself, an instrument, a person, a place. Love should be the pillar of life, but not only meant as a relationship between two person, but as a major energy that connects us all. We should take care of each other more often, we should be more grateful. We should spread good vibes everyday, we should smile everyday, we should be ourselves everyday. Love the others, love yourself.

Much Love, Sup Nasa

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