Mecca:83 - Quiet Moments & Anthology 2010-2020

Anthology 2010-2020 (Design Luciano Brougham)

Today i have the honor of wishing Mecca:83 on his birthday. But also - to promote and share his new album titled 'Quiet Moments' that's going live on all digital platforms. We also have a very special announcement to make - His anniversary double 12" Vinyl goes live today as well - limited to only 200 copies worldwide.

Press the link here to pre-order.

Read the post from the man himself 'So hyped to announce 'Anthology: 2010-2020" - a double vinyl retrospective of the last decade of beats!! Pre-order link in my bio now. 20 tracks all the way from the 1st Life Sketches EP, all the way up to my latest project Quiet Moments. Infinite love to @ninetofivetribe for making this dream a reality. Its my birthday too, so no pressure, but....maybe grab yourself a copy!⁣

Speaking of Ninetofive - they've just released my latest EP Quiet Moments to all streaming platforms as of today. No longer a Bandcamp-only release, so go ahead and stream to your hearts content 😁⁣

Also I spoke to @leftandrightmcr today about my music, the scene and some of my biggest influences. Make sure you check the podcast out when you get a sec...⁣

Final note: while this post is about music, let me also mention that the t shirt in my promo shot if from @transit_co who represent everything I love about the blading community. Maximum respect to those guys ❤️"⁣

I truly hope you're enjoying this release and thank you everyone for the support you've been showing lately, it doesn't go unnoticed!

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