Amber Haze - Always Luxurious

Official Artwork - Always Luxurious 'Max Kalon' in Monaco.

Today i'm honored to be sharing the great 'Amber Haze' new release titled 'Always Luxurious'. It contains eight wonderful tracks that shifts in mood, rhythm and energy and keeps giving your mind a great journey in style. I would personally say he's a bit before his time with creating this sound, you can see more producers & rappers aiming for this nostalgic feeling and Amber Haze is definitely one of the pioneers since he's been doing this for a while - I hope you enjoy the vibes but also appreciate the change in flavors in this tape. You're in for a treat with this one!

Thank you to everyone that's been showing support & following us lately, highly appreciated during these times. Make sure to show appreciation towards Amber Haze as well on his social media.

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