KLIM - The Beach (Taken From Monochrome) EP.

Official Cover - The Beach by KLIM.

The first single titled 'The Beach' is here, taken from KLIM's latest project Monochrome. This project has a bit of a different lane in terms of productions, the style goes from uplifting notes to rhythm changing beats - but still in the high quality as always from the man himself. We're seeing 6 fresh & new songs being added and they go together so well, i'm always stunned to hear his approach when new projects are being pushed out.

I would like to thank everyone for the support you've been showing during the year, there's struggles in everyones life and situations we couldn't expect. Zone out a moment when you're listening to the first track and next week on Friday the full 'Monochrome' will be available on all streaming services with an music video included.

Press here to stream 'The Beach'.

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