KLIM - Monochrome EP

Official Cover @sensewars & @lucianobrougham

Today i'm so excited to be sharing KLIM's new EP titled 'Monochrome'. The project contains 6 new songs with an incredible groove & uplifting sound. For this new release, we have teamed up to collaborate with the Organicgrown Magazine for their photography in New York City as you can see on the official cover.

This collaboration for us has gone live today, and it's the first time we are seeing the movement working with Organic Grown Mag and we'll be working more closely together to share the good vibes from urban photography and smooth beats.

Organicgrown Magazine (Photo: @sensewars)

The recent work of KLIM this year has been just stunning, there's been a lot of releases including collaborations & networking from the Kiev based producer. About one month ago, if you follow him on Instagram you could see that he's invested in a E-mu SP-1200 so the sound for his upcoming projects will be a bit different and a new approach - going from the classic 2000XL as we are used to be hearing him on.

I personally just want to share, there's so many upcoming projects from the legendary KLIM during the end of this year including start of 2021. I'd like to take time and thank you all for showing support lately towards the movement.

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