ØDYSSEE & Saib - Montmartre

Official Artwork - Waahiid x Luciano Brougham

The debut of our movement during 2021 will be the single between two great producers. The Casablanca-based beat-maker and guitarist named saib. His tunes showcase saib.’s worldly vibe, tied together with his intricate guitar playing which deftly keeps up with all the styles represented in his previos releases. Hip-hop flavored beats form the backbone of saib’s musical palette skips from jazz flavors to lounge experiments to Asian textures … and even sometimes within a single track.

Saib. in Paris, France with ØDYSSEE

You already know the history and details on ØDYSSEE since he's been a part of the movement for years now but still amazes everyone with the new ideas & styles he's managing to operate when producing. I'm very honored to be sharing this track to you all, it's a start of a big project that's including art from all over the world into different pieces of album covers. I'll let you in on some more details along the run we'll be doing with great artists along the year - but for now, press play and if you enjoy the track share it to your loved ones! I hope you all are being safe & healthy out there and that we can soon return to a more normal state of mind.

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