J. Raise, Jr - Likewise

Album Cover for J. Raise, Jr 'Likewise'

It’s a great pleasure and honor for us to present the new album from one of the main exponents and pillars of our label: 'Likewise' by J. Raise, Jr. 'Likewise' is the second chapter of a collaboration between J. Raise, Jr, Resilienza Records and NINETOFIVE. His previous release, 'Lifted Quest' released on March 2020 - was a real success.

The EP has been streamed all around the world. J. Raise, Jr has been on the work since that day, preparing a new project that would live up to the refinement of tracks like Junkyard and Full Lips, and to the complexity of others like Mind Power and Side Effects. In other words, with the new album 'Likewise', J. Raise, Jr is trying to highlight once again, his maniacal attention to the creation of complex rhythms and his proficient manipulation of samples with the use of his beloved MPC2000XL.

The album starts off with a short intro that really sounds like something is about to happen, before moving to track 2 How Long where the serious head-nodding starts, and it really never stops until the end of the album. Each track here has its very own character and peculiarity ranging from classic hip-hop grooves to unexpected jazz patterns reaffirming his multitude of skills on drum programming, almost pushing his MPC to the limits.

The album counts only two featuring from Italian beatmakers Mazinga Paddon on the track Space Kids, and Cat Paw on Reflections. 'Likewise' is available on all digital stores.  

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