Luciano Brougham - Founder
Vince Nav - A&R
Kreatev - Illustrator
Divine - Afternoon Beats LA
Vito Sensewars - Photography
Tima Rakhim - Cinematographer

Established in 2012, NINETOFIVE is an international community of producers, visual artists, writers and other creatives joined through a shared passion for genre-bending instrumental music and the global beat scene. As a collective, our ethos is pro-artist and anti-gatekeeper, and we want to lower the barriers to entry into the global scene.

By supporting our open community of engaged creatives, we hope to grow the beat scene and showcase a catalog from its most talented members. Our artists and affiliates hail from all corners: Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Copenhagen, Medellín, Naples, Stockholm and Berlin are just a few of the cities.

Producers whose work is selected for release on the catalog will have the support of our team in developing high-quality releases; we care about helping expose the individuals and stories behind the music.

Thankful for your support.
/Luciano Brougham.