Architect by day, beatmaker by night, Louis aka ØDYSSEE, describe himself as a vibe provider. Living in Paris, he delivers ushigh quality music since 2015. Inspired by many styles of music, from Jazz to Beat masters, he likes to deal with colors and specific universes in his sounds.
He started music at 6 playing the piano at Conservatory for 9 years, then play blues & funk guitar in different groups during his architecture studies before buying his MPC in 2014 "I can do everything by myself with it ! "

He can't imagine music without colors, he always imagine his music with universes, its important for him to project his music and himself into special worlds. "You can imagine a song watching a painting, you can also imagine a painting listenning to music". "Inspiration is everywhere".

More than ever music is also an image, he takes care to lead the listenner in those universes, in the covers he uses and in his music approach. He joined Ninetofive in 2017 and released many projects, Euphorism EP, Mezzanine lofi beat tape already cumulating more than 6 millions streams, and more recently Atlas, a 28 boombap jazz tracks project focusing on drum live game and breaks.