I’ve been in contact with audio software since I was 19 or so. Most of my friends at the time were B.Boys, and I used to help them by editing their track lists for battles and shows in Audition and similar programs.

This was more of an exploratory period and music wasn’t my main point of focus at all. However, it laid the groundwork for the future and kept me interested in music production in general, and openminded to a lot of different music scenes, including the “beat scene”. Sometime around 2009-10 I started to consciously make music in a more purposeful way.

My early tracks were an attempt at abstract instrumental hip-hop, but I always went through long periods of time where I’d revisit the foundations and make a bunch of soulful and jazzy 90's inspired beats. Nowadays my sound has evolved to a more spontaneous and eclectic style, where a feel more at home.