NINETOFIVE meets A Tribe Called Quest.

Various Artists: Midnight Marauders Reworked.A Tribute to A Tribe Called Quest, by Worldwide Beatmakers.


We are honored to releases the tribute album featuring new flips of all the original “Midnight Marauders” samples.Featuring Hans SOLO (from the world renowned Pro Era Crew), Thovo, Rob Smyles and a pack of fellow beatmakers, see the list down below.


  1. Xeren - Midnight Marauders Tour Guide
  2. Lars Da Fari - Steve Biko (Stir It Up)
  3. Sup Nasa - Award Tour
  4. Phizz Mophou - 8 Million Stories
  5. Truly Danny - Sucka Nigga
  6. DAVR - Midnight
  7. Ingredijens - We Can Get Down
  8. ScratchMagic - Electric Relaxation
  9. Hans SOLO & Jens Cook - Clap Your Hands
  10. SWAB - Oh My God
  11. Kongchain - Keep It Rollin
  12. Thor Kvisgaard & Rob Smyles - The Chase, Part II
  13. Martin Funkhouser - Lyrics to Go
  14. Thovo - God Lives Through
  15. Ras-H - Hot Sex

The original A Tribe Called Quest classic “Midnight Marauders” from 1993 features 15 of the most well respected and well known tunes of the golden era of hip hop. This album is a true classic in the very essence of the word.

In the wake of the untimely death of the groups’ charismatic rapper Phife Dawg, Ninetofive Records’ founder and anchor Linus Maximilian Jonsson along with danish beatmaker Kongchain, decided to pay dues by collecting and curating a batch of beats from Europe's most creative beat heads.

The concept was simple: flip the samples that A Tribe Called Quest used on the original album - and do it creatively for a fresh take on a classic.


What we didn’t expect though, were the difficult challenges, even for these well-seasoned sample heads that were invited for the project. The filtering of the samples on the original songs had even our most technical minded beat conductors scratching their heads. They were actually extremely difficult to emulate, even with today's vast array of digital music production equipment.

Nonetheless, the results we are now presenting, are a crisp, contemporary take on sample flipping with swinging rhythmic patterns, dirty filtering and an array of layering to give the beats a broad sonic landscape and a serious head nod factor.


We hope you will enjoy our interpretation of this hip hop classic. Of course it doesn’t compare, but it will definitely give an interesting and fresh take on it, which will hopefully turn heads and maybe even get bumped in the jeeps of Linden Boulevard.

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