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The third episode of our series Lofi Radio is here, showcasing the iconic producer Al Dali who we recently welcomed to the movement. The last episode we did was an episode in honor of the casual low grind and you showed so much support on this one so i’m thrilled to be showcasing this set for you, highly appreciate the support as always.

From the city of Calera, Alabama, an iconic beatmaker that’s been proving his skills on soundcloud for a decade – we are taking a deeper look into his upcoming work & vision. Inspired by the sounds of hip-hop legends such as J Dilla, Tuamie, Byron, and growing up on UGK, OutKast, Gucci Mane, Jeezy to name a few to create his own unique blend of beats and melodies.

Al Dali’s goal this year is to create a modern twist on the classic southern and the east coast sound. He wants to incorporate new production techniques and innovative sounds while still maintaining the core elements of the genre.

One of the unique features of our Lofi radio show is our focus on showcasing producers and beatmakers from around the world. We believe that there is so much incredible talent out there that often goes overlooked, and our goal is to give these artists the exposure they deserve. Whether they have a large following or are just starting out, we believe that every producer and beatmaker has something special to offer to the Lofi community.

In each episode of our show, we carefully curate a mix of both well-known and up-and-coming artists to create a diverse and exciting listening experience. We also take the time to learn about each artist, their background, and their creative process, so that we can share this information with our listeners. By doing this, we hope to create a deeper connection between the artists and the audience, and help build a supportive and inclusive community.

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A collection gathered in our Apple Muic playlist with the ten latest gems that’s been put on the official Ninetofive® catalog.

Our playlist of the latest songs we’ve released is the perfect way to stay up-to-date with our music. Featuring all of our newest tracks, this playlist is a one-stop-shop for listeners that want to keep their finger on the pulse of our movement. With a variety of genres and styles represented, there’s sure to be something for everyone in this one.

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Afroham releases Quantum Love

Rising Dutch producer Afroham releases his debut EP Quantum Love on Melting Pot Music. The 26-year-old musician from Rotterdam is fusing neo-soul, lofi and hip-hop in his very own style and fashion. On three vocal and two instrumental joints Afroham (and a close group of musical friends)...

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During the weeks we’re chilling out at our Discord server to just talk about daily stuff, share the latest vinyl purchase or what you had for dinner. There’s also a work-in-process channel for anyone interested in collaborating with some of the best beatmakers. 

If you’d like to join, just press the Join Discord down below to get directed and share some good vibes. 

Our international collective is made up of talented producers, visual artists, writers and more, all dedicated to promoting an ethos of pro-artist inclusivity and collaboration. We believe that everyone should have the chance to shine, regardless of where they come from or what obstacles they face.


The sets are 20-40 minutes long and will start out with exclusives we have received, all information are included in the description. If you’re an artist or a label that wants us to present your music, please feel free to use the contact form down below to fill in your details that’s needed.

All songs that’s being played on the show can be find in our Spotify playlist which you can find here.

A new episode will be released at least once a month while we also publish the Midnight Ride series including the Pacific Highway mixes. You can use the application form on the contact page to submit your songs & beats.

Submit your songs to our playlists.

Feel free to share your beats to us at the staff and we’ll listen & update our lists on a weekly basis with the most flavorful vibes we receive & discover. 

The vibe can be anything from classic boom-bap type of approach or lo-fi beats; anything goes if it fits the vibe for the all city playlist.

We are also running the Smoker’s Lounge which is more of a spaced out playlist for people who are interested in finding new artists & approaches on how to produce music – It’s a true inspirational list with a ton of gems. 

Established in 2012, NINETOFIVE® is an international community of producers, visual artists, writers and other creatives joined through a shared passion for genre-bending instrumental music and the global beat scene. As a collective, our ethos is pro-artist and anti-gatekeeper, and we want to lower the barriers to entry into the global beat scene. By supporting our open community of engaged creatives, we hope to grow the beat scene and showcase a catalog from its most talented members.