Hubert Daviz, an iconic producer from Cologne with an incredible variety of styles and the ability to bend genres into his own flavor – I would say everyone has their own favorite work by him.

His album Framework just comes back to me automatically, the sounds are just so smooth and during that time there was not many other people in the scene in this lane doing what he’s now become iconic for. 

Now, while also producing tracks under his name he’s teamed up with his long-time associate Anthony Drawn to operate the Sichtexot sub-label titled casual low grind which I have the honor of presenting to you all….

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Friends Compilation NINETOFIVE

Friends – 10 Years Of NINETOFIVE®

Today marks ten years since NINETOFIVE® Recordings opened up shop.Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to support so many talented producers across so many sub-genres of instrumental music. Their styles are all different, but I’ve always felt they go hand-in-hand. And to celebrate a full decade...


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We are also running the Smoker’s Lounge which is more of a spaced out playlist for people who are interested in finding new artists & approaches on how to produce music – It’s a true inspirational list with a ton of gems. 

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