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Exploration Of Sounds by Oh, My. and Boukas

Artwork - Luciano Brougham I am thrilled to announce the collaboration album by Oh, My and Boukas. This unique project, titled "Exploration of Sounds," was created in the beautiful and peaceful southern parts of Sweden, where both producers, spent several days getting inspired and making music together myself included. In a world dominated by digital production, Oh, My and Boukas took...

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SWIM by Math-Mic, Boukas and Alexandros Koutsogiannis from their upcoming EP

Today we're seeing the first collaboration between Boukas, Math-Mic and Alexandros Koutsogiannis from their upcoming EP titled Fly that's being released on the catalogue. A deep, detailed and mysterious track made together with focus to create something organic that takes the listener for a journey. When I spoke with Boukas and Math-Mic this is what they've mentioned about their approach to...

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