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Live radio. Sharing upcoming releases & classics from the lo-fi community – exclusives included.

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The latest release that we’ve put out on the catalog can be found directly here, if you’re not using Spotify as your streaming service press here to get directed to the options to select a different one. 

Radio Schedule

Every week, our online radio platform brings together a dynamic mix of beatmakers, enthusiasts, and our close friends who serve as exclusive hosts and members of the movement. Carefully curated, from the smooth melodies of jazz to the ethereal landscapes of ambient music, we’ve got something to soothe your soul.

On the weekends we raise the energy with some clean 808’s and groovy joints to give you that treat after a long week. All shows featuring guests will be announced earlier on social media for you to be aware.

Highly appreciate all of you listeners – make sure to join our discord down below if you wanna chat while listening.

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Afternoon Beats

Exclusive video sets from various producers and DJ’s around the world we enjoy listening to. Invited producers makes an exclusive set at their chosen location to play music in a video format which we upload at our YouTube channel.

A new episode will be released at least once a month. You can use the application form on the contact page to submit your songs & beats.

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Before we dive into the latest episode, let’s first take a brief look at Lofi Radio and what it offers to its listeners. The show is a music podcast that features a variety of producers, musicians, and artists from around the world. The aim is to showcase the producer in an overview of both new tracks, older tracks, and also some work in progress – the vibe is chill and laid-back, with a focus on hip-hop, jazz, and a positive vibe in the community.

Featuring Kreatev on the show, someone who’s been a part of our journey for a few years now. Our discussions have often revolved around his musical visions, which, intertwined with his passion for cars – this has been a shared interest between us both. Kreatev’s tracks consistently reference car culture, reflecting his deep love for both new models and vintage classics. In this mix, you’ll experience a blend of unreleased tracks and exclusives shared on Ninetofive’s catalog, as well as those from labels like Chillhop and PLYGRND. We genuinely hope you’ll enjoy this episode, and we encourage you to leave a comment and follow his creative journey on social media.

One of the unique features of our Lofi radio show is our focus on showcasing producers and beatmakers from around the world. We believe that there is so much incredible talent out there that often goes overlooked, and our goal is to give these artists the exposure they deserve. Whether they have a large following or are just starting out, we believe that every producer and beatmaker has something special to offer to the Lofi community.

In each episode of our show, we carefully curate a mix of both well-known and up-and-coming artists to create a diverse and exciting listening experience. We also take the time to learn about each artist, their background, and their creative process, so that we can share this information with our listeners. By doing this, we hope to create a deeper connection between the artists and the audience, and help build a supportive and inclusive community.

Established in 2012, NINETOFIVE® is an international community of producers, visual artists, writers and other creatives joined through a shared passion for genre-bending instrumental music and the global beat scene. As a collective, our ethos is pro-artist and anti-gatekeeper, and we want to lower the barriers to entry into the global beat scene. By supporting our open community of engaged creatives, we hope to grow the beat scene and showcase a catalog from its most talented members.