Join in and follow our official playlists created just for you to enjoy beats from all around the world and take part of both our catalog and people we listen to on a daily basis. Each week i am sending out a request on Twitter & Facebook for people to share what they are listening to, or what they have produced so everyone get a chance of being a part of the lists.

City Beats

Personal collection of favorite beats that i'm listening to right now. Make sure to stream the whole album & ep if it's just one track included in the playlist. Anything from Funk, R&B, Lo-Fi, 80's, Classic Boom-Bap, just mellow vibes for you to enjoy.

The Discography

The full discography of the movement. This list will only be updated when new material has been put out. Make sure to go along and follow the artists you're vibing to the most to stay updated on their releases under different labels.

If you would like to take part and sharing music to us - press here.