The ALL CITY playlist

One of our more popular playlists with beatmakers from all around the world. Focus on style and sound isn’t really super limited, we’re trying to implement a bit of the classic boom-bap, jazz and more low end dominated tracks to give a great blend of vibes in there. It’s updated on a weekly basis with songs that’s both new or older ones that we think has made an impact on the scene.

The Smoker’s Lounge playlist

This is the playlist for the ones that isn’t afraid of going a bit experimental and listening to some more unique vibes with influences from both jazz but also modern beats with a bit of bass in them. A perfect list if you’re on the move or maybe in the couch smoking with the homies..

Apple Music playlist

Follow the movement and our releases including the full discography directly on Apple Music at our label page. It gets updated whenever we put out any new music from artists around the world. One of the most organic way to connect with our releases on a weekly basis. 
The playlist on the right is for sure one of the biggest on Apple so make sure you’re following it for weekly updates & new sounds from some of the best beatmakers around the globe. A blend between funk, lofi-beats, jazz-hop and classic boom-bap can be found in here!