Beats & Remakes Part 2 - Resurrection

Various Artists: Common's album Resurrection - Beats and Remakes Part 2, presented by Worldwide Beatmakers.


One of many people's favorite album, and also a release that got a lot of people into listening to hip-hop. This time, we're remaking the classic - Resurrection from Common. Fourteen unique and exclusive tracks that's reflecting the vibe and sound coming from the original album.

Quote: By Toure
February 9, 1995
Rolling Stone - Review

Whether or not Resurrection is a classic will be decided in the future, but for now it's indisputable that Common Sense has succeeded in creating that rare thing: a solid hardcore hip-hop album. Hardcore not for the verbal body count but for the confluence of phat beats, smooth flows and dope rhymes. Resurrection belongs among the best recent hardcore albums: Illmatic, by Nas, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), by Wu-Tang Clan, and Ready to Die, by the Notorious B.I.G. Of course, by this time next year, even those three may have joined the list of hip-hoppers on the Slide.


  1. Ol' Burger Beats - Resurrection
  2. Maad Phonic- Used to love H.E.R
  3. Mecca:83 - Watermelon
  4. Airworks - Book of Life
  5. Scottie Royal - In My Own World (Check The Method)
  6. Homage - Another Wasted Night With...
  7. Drips Zacheer - Nuthin' to do
  8. Fede Poul feat. Lazer & Scratch - Communism
  9. MazeOne - WMOE
  10. Max I Million - Thisisme
  11. Machacha - Orange Pineapple Juice
  12. DonutProducer- Chapter 13 (Rich Man vs. Poor Man)
  13. Monma - Maintaining
  14. Lonius - Sum Shit I Wrote


This project has been organized & curated by Lars 'Kongchain' Hartmann. Presented by the Worldwide Beatmakers. Mastering done by Paweł 'Pold' Wojaczek. Thank you for the support we've been receiving on these projects.

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