Exclusive: Ben Bada Boom (Hamburg, Germany)


BEN BADA BOOM is a Beatmaker from Hamburg and stands in the Roster of Cascade Records (France) and Blvnt Records (United States). His sound is composed of different genres, Such as eletronic, funk, jazz and soul. Thus he translates these influences into the Hop Hop and Broken Beat and thus creates his own style. His compositions are characterized by 8-bit, 80's synths or Celtic sounds.

For more than 12 years, he has worked for different artists and artists, as well as collaborating with ethical beatmakers from his environment. American MCs such as Releast Reeken or Minty Burns, Jae Franklin from Dubai and German artists like Kontra K and Nices Dudes Around, to Beatmakers like Chloe Martini, Evil Needle, Invention, Robot Orchestra and Peet. Or Amin Payne from Australia.

With last Payne 3B 2013 released his Collabo debut "COLLISION" on Cascade Records, which was later reinterpreted by artists such as Suff Daddy, Elaquent, Moods and Evil Needle.

But most of the time, Boom produced alone and released his solo debut "MEANWHILE IN BARMBEK" in February 2017. This album removes sound from the new-fashioned Trap and Future-beat and has its roots in the jazz and hip-hop of days gone by. Regarding Liveshows, BADA BOOM played his sets, among other things, from the first Hip Hop Convention 2015 in Berlin, in Prague and several times in Hamburg on various Beat-cyphers from "Bring Your Own Beats" and "Project: Beatmaker".

We really hope you enjoy the exclusive and remember to support him. All links are listed down below.

Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp.

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