Mecca:83 - Life Sketches Vol. 3

I am very honored to present this album to everyone, i have been so excited to share this one with you. A stunning album with 11 tracks including 2 intstrumentals. Mecca:83 has really worked hard on this album and you can really tell, everything is just perfectly put together and the collaborations are truly on point.

The album will be available on Vinyl and CD. Pre-order link will be up and running very soon!


Has it really been 5 years since the last installment?! Since Volume.2 dropped I've gone through a few changes: from having 2 kids, to moving home and changing careers.. not to mention running the Expansions Collective label. But I always manage to return to the source eventually.

Life Sketches has always been about collaboration. The record is as much about the people who contributed to it as it is about me. From Buscrates and Octavio Santos, to Grap Luva and Von Pea, the artists on this record are people I both admire and respect. This record wouldn't be possible without them.

Share it with a friend if you can.
And thank you.

The family -
Von Pea - Vocals on ‘Untitled’
Grap Luva - Vocals on ‘Lets Get It’
Jabba Tha Kut - Turntablism on ‘Untitled’ and ‘Lets Get It’
Donald Malloy - Horns on ‘Lets Get It’
Matt Davies - Drums on ‘The Cusp’ and ‘Until Next’
Jesus Bachiller Bachi - Bass Guitar on ‘The Cusp’ and ‘Until Next’
Octavio Santos - Horns on ‘Reintroducing’ and ‘The Cusp’
Kazumi Kaneda - Co-production on ‘Soul Power’
Handbook - Co-production on ‘So Fine’
Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble - Co-production on ‘Alpha Channel’
Brothermartino - Flutes on ‘Alpha Channel’
Scott Nelson - Guitar on ‘Reintroducing’
Maria Grigoryeva - Violins on ‘So Fine’
Monma - Co-production on ‘2AM Vibes’

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Produced, mixed & arranged by Mecca:83
Executive Producer: Linus Maximilian Jonsson
Art Direction: Joel Van Der Knaap
© Copyright 2017 NINETOFIVE

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