Hansi's Room - With Digitalluc

Hansi's Room featuring: Digitalluc

A wonderful set put together with old joints and fresh ones (in that time being). Digitalluc is one of the most inspiring producers out there, and he's definitely bringing fire beats every time he showcase anything. Show some support to him and don't forget to stay tuned for his upcoming releases and collaborations. He recently teamed up with "Don't Let The Label Label You" and pressed some exclusive merchandise including sweatshirts and t-shirts but they are unfortunately sold out. Hopefully they will do a second pressing - if you're interested please check out: https://goo.gl/BwTvdW

Luc brought his new EP "wait wait" and Beats to Hansi's Room, to give the People the right Atmosphere! Representin "***ABM089 *Crew & Sichtexot" Munich/Mainz.

Check digitalluc out on: Soundcloud, Facebook Bandcamp.

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