Gonza - Beats For Days Volume. 2

The second tape is finally out from the Beats For Days series produced & composed by the great Gonza. 19 incredible beats has been included in the second tape, we're now 35 tracks into this tape release. We have received loads of positive feedback and people willing to support this one via vinyl. It has changed our view of things and we are looking into this. Show support by following Gonza on his social media around the web - Links included below the Spotify player.

The tape has a perfect blend between very calm beats but still this classic 90's type of style with precise chopping and bounce. We are honored to have put out this under the Worldwide Beatmakers and we hope you'll enjoy it as well! (Notice the last track 'To Be Continued' it might give you a clue what's about to come).

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  1. Intro
  2. Walking Rhodes
  3. Lounching
  4. Leo's Jam
  5. One 4 Duke
  6. Manchild
  7. Neo Zoul
  8. Oh Yes
  9. Park Chelin
  10. Rock On
  11. Sircans
  12. Zummer Dayz
  13. The World Is Spinning
  14. Relax Bruh
  15. What A Day
  16. Waiting
  17. Floating Sky's
  18. One 4 Poyan
  19. To Be Continued..

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