Sup Nasa - #ChristmasPills

We wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year from the whole NINETOFIVE crew. Thank you for all support you've been showing on our posts, albums, articles, interviews, social media. It's highly appreciated and we hope to see you all during next year as well. - Luciano Brougham.

In 2018 I tried to shape my musical chaos. I've been all around Italy with live gigs, started several collaborations and I feel like I'm getting closer to the sound that I've always searched. In 2019 I feel ready to provide my new sound, son of these years of searchings. NINETOFIVE® helped me letting me free to try new sounds and atmospheres and always had my back, since day one. It's always been all about good vibes and sharing love, and I'll keep pushing this idea even further in 2019. Much Love. - Sup Nasa. In this beautiful Christmas video series #ChristmasPills made by Pomo Production

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