Es-K Feat. Max I Million - Inna Slump (Official Video)

The collaboration between Es-K and Max I Million featured in Es-K's upcoming album 'Continuance' that will be available in all stores and on 12" Vinyl ready to be ordered on Qrates at 2019-02-08. Limited Edition 200 pieces.

About Continuance:
The first vinyl from Es-K on the catalog. This is a limited edition run of the Continuance album that he's produced and composed during the end of last year and finally it's here! We're super honored to be sharing this absolutely stunning piece of album. There's some incredible collaborations included from people that's a part of the movement and close affiliates.

Thank you for the support, and make sure to follow both Es-K and Max I Million for their upcoming work. I hope you're excited for this release!

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