KLIM - The Hidden

Artwork for 'The Hidden' by Luciano Brougham.

We're getting blessed by a new album, put together and produced by the very talented KLIM located in Kiev, Ukraine. A 16 track exclusive that's being published under the catalog and can now be found on all streaming services. The album will be printed on 12" Vinyl Limited Edition (Red Coloring).  Some tracks, you might already recognize in this selection, we released the NEW YORK track two years ago and i spoke with KLIM and he decided we should get the older tracks up and running on the catalog. If you'd like to see more material, that's missing please leave a comment. I truly hope you'll enjoy this album, blessings.

01. KLIM - Lifetime
02. KLIM - Let Me In
03. KLIM - Baby I Love You
04. KLIM - So Good
05. KLIM - Word Up
06. KLIM - Manhattan
07. KLIM - Malibu
08. KLIM - Jingle
09. KLIM - (Skit)
10. KLIM - New York
11. KLIM - Summery
12. KLIM - Trip
13. KLIM - Uh
14. KLIM - Tryst
15. KLIM - Wish You Well

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