Ben Bada Boom - Welcome To Boombek

Official Artwork

Welcome To Boombek is finally here! The perfect album for your warm summer! It will be such a refreshing piece of music for you to play while on the beach or maybe just walking around in the city! It contains 11 full tracks including the last song which is a remix from Julian Convex. I'm so happy to be sharing this collaboration with Ben Bada Boom - I told him in the start of this project that he shouldn't be afraid of taking any risks, and experiment a bit more.

Ben Bada Boom is a beat maker and designer who is located in Hamburg, Germany. 3B´s sounds come from various influences such as Electronic, Funk and Soul. He takes those influences and then turns them into something new. With a result clearly linked to hip hop and broken beat.  Current, but difficult to classify genre wise. His compositions are characterized by an occasional glimpse of 8-Bit, some 80's synth work and Celtic tunes. With something of a stray jazz trumpet defends dirty points.

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