Gravy Sparks - The Sound of Technicolor (Limited Edition Cassette)

Artwork: Illustrated by Supreme (Part of the DVSG)

Gravy Sparks is the producer alias of the Swedish artist Prop Dylan. A pseudonym which have taken form during the past ten years of coproducing and executively producing records alongside artists such as DJ Premier, Talib Kweli and Sabina Ddumba among others.   Gravy Sparks is situated in Borlänge, Sweden drawing inspiration from classic hiphop as well as modern music trying to emulate his own sound with his MPC Ren, Moog synths and MPC 4000.

The Sound of Technicolor is a soulful and jazzy journey through hiphop with a touch of Swedish melancholy. Gravy Sparks is focusing on moods and melodies creating a landscape for the listeners pleasure to zone out to.

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Side A
Dala Valleys
The Salad Days
Red Clouds
Golan Heights Funk
Lucid Dreams

Side B
Mind Travel
The Rififi Heist
All Good
Purple Rays

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