OldGold - Loot Chest (Welcoming)

Official Artwork (ZETA)

I'm honored to present, and welcome OldGold to the official roster of the ninetofive today. He has decided upon sharing this incredible album titled 'Loot Chest' that contains fourteen soulful but still mellow beats that i'm very sure that you all will vibe out to. I've decided to both share this album with you all, and also a welcoming mix that will let you experience his previous productions.

One thing that really makes me impressed, is how he manages to flip most of the samples into either really mellow productions, or he could bring the best out of old soul records and give it a new life. I'm really happy to see you on the team, and i can't wait to see more projects come to life! Sit back & relax, raise the volume! This is OldGold!

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