ØDYSSEE & Gustav Gustav - Sunday Stroll

Official Artwork

Another excellent collaboration from the two members titled 'Sunday Stroll' is finally here! The last one they did was a absolute success from the Berlin 64 tape collaboration. Now we're seeing a different approach, a bit more smooth & chill vibes in this one. Perfect for a Sunday stroll along the beach or just for walking around the city lights during the evening.

I'm really excited whenever i get the news these two are collaborating, because i think they have such a unique work-flow and also study everything around production.

Both of the producers has a lot of things happening and there's plenty of stuff in their calendar for upcoming weeks - i know ØDYSSEE has a bunch of great collaborations coming up so i'd really recommend to give him a follow. For Gustav Gustav i know he's currently adapting to his moving to Copenhagen and trying to produce more and more each day. I'm very sure there will be plenty of amazing tracks from both of these producers along the year!

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