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Official Artwork - Notes From The Underground

I'm so excited and honored to be presenting this project titled 'Notes From The Underground'. It's the debut from Nimzo, even though we've spoken to each other for a long time. I'm really excited to see the response from you all on this project and i hope you will enjoy the vibes. Nimzo is a producer from Kearny, NJ. Having grown up in a borough of Newark during the Golden Era, Nimzo was exposed to Hip-Hop culture at an early age and eventually became an MC in the mid-90s, heavily inspired by Digable Planets, Tribe Called Quest, Gangstarr and Company Flo.

Newark, New Jersey

Shortly thereafter, Nimzo began producing beats in a similar vein for himself and an alternative hiphop group in Paterson, New Jersey. Working mainly on an SP-1200 and MPC 2000 perpetually on loan from AudioArcade, Nimzo honed his craft from 1996-2001 and gained recognition for his unique interpretation of East Coast Boom Bap and British Trip Hop.

With the arrival of the jiggy era and his growing disenchantment with the general direction of hiphop, Nimzo headed underground and began to learn the guitar and piano. He popped back up in 2006 with an instrumental album titled, Esperanto, produced on a cracked version of Reason 3. As quickly as he reappeared, he once again disappeared back into the underground - for ten years.

Nimzo's studio setup.

Inspired by the birth of his son in the middle of 2015, Nimzo once again resurfaced and went to work. By the end of 2016, Nimzo had self-released a 20-song album titled, 'Radio Enhanced Telepathy'. Since then, Nimzo has released 4 albums, an EP, 2 singles, and has been featured on various compilations by the the most well-known labels in the lofi instrumental hiphop scene. He is a staple in the live NYC beat scene, regularly attending, performing at and hosting events.

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