Amber Haze - Still Rollin'

Amber Haze - Still Rollin' Official Artwork

Amber Haze's new release Still Rollin' is here! And as usual, he's bringing the low end crisp vibes to us - and the beats are perfect for cruising in your car, as he usually puts his focus on slow and chill vibes.

We're seeing a bit different approach on the tempo of the track titled 'Getup' since it's really more uplifting and positive than the other ones. Personally i think he really succeeded with this one, all of the tracks blend together in such harmony.

If you're more into the classic style of beats, i highly recommend the mellow song 'Topless Winter' he really added a beautiful atmosphere in this one, i think it was a genius move of him to break down the EP into a slower pace for a moment.

Press here to get directed.

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