Green Piccolo - Reeferparty

Official Cover 'Reeferparty' - Luciano Brougham

Today i'm honored to present the new release titled 'Reeferparty' produced by the very great Green Piccolo located in Stuttgart, Germany. The approach and vibe is really deep, dominated by crisp 808's to give you that mellow vibe. The view of his production, told by himself, is to be very clear - It's not Trap, It's vibes - cooked with the soul of music history in general. He says it's straight from the heart & always with a smokey feel to it. A good quote from his explanation is 'Happy and sad feelings mixed in a smooth cocktail of everyday life struggle'.

The previous catalog of his contains of two great EP's that's been published on Ryan Celsius movement, both of them are stunning and keeping the same approach as this one. 'The Grind' and 'Light It Up' can be found on all streaming services.

Green Piccolo's set-up in Stuttgart, Germany

The sound & flavor is not usually what you see here on a regular basis, but i highly enjoy the vibes of this project - we're seeing a different approach & great composing and production from Green Piccolo. I would hope to see a lot more traffic and attention on his songs since i think he's got something unique going on - there's a precision in his work that i would like to hear more of in the future. I hope you feel the same and start following his journey along the way and i'll keep pushing & promoting his sound.

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