Homage - Early Morning

Official Artwork - Early Morning by Homage.

I'm super excited to be sharing the news that the first release from our new collaboration under STEEZYASFUCK X NINETOFIVE® - sharing the first single from the producer 'Homage' that has been a part of the crew since very early days, but we've never worked official like this previously. He's been a major influence to a lot of beatmakers during the years since he's been super active on YouTube making beats and working with rappers all around the world.

This is the first time we're officially doing a big collaboration like this, partnering up with the great people over at Steezyasfuck, and i don't think i need a long description about what they're doing - since many of you already follow their live-stream beats & albums he's sharing on his channel you can follow here.

First single, from Homage's upcoming album is here, and you can stream it on all digital platforms. I would highly appreciate if you took the time and gave Steezy a follow on his great YouTube platform as well, since we're doing this together. In one week, you'll be able to hear the full album! But for now, make sure to stream 'Early Morning' and vibe out to it!

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