KLIM - Beat Aesthetics

Beat Aesthetics, the latest album from the very talented producer & composer from Kiev, Ukraine is finally here! A blend of hard hitting beats with a bit more punchier feel to it this time. The album contains a stunning amount of 15 new fresh beats that was made under such a short time. I'm very impressed by the workflow of KLIM, he is such a talented guy and i hope you all will appreciate this release. Pre-Order the 12" right here in collaboration with Qrates. Link: http://bit.ly/vinylsklim

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A Side

  1. Underground Vibe
  2. Do It 4 Real
  3. Real Bitches
  4. Don't Stop Now
  5. Ninetofive
  6. Sick Guitars
  7. Letter
  8. Sure

B Side

  1. High Quality
  2. Battle
  3. Low Ride
  4. Boom Bap
  5. Night City
  6. Trucker

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