Friends – 10 Years Of NINETOFIVE®


Today marks ten years since NINETOFIVE® Recordings opened up shop.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to support so many talented producers across so many sub-genres of instrumental music. Their styles are all different, but I’ve always felt they go hand-in-hand. And to celebrate a full decade of NINETOFIVE, we’re releasing a compilation that celebrates the diversity of artists and instrumental genres we love here.

For all you vinyl collectors: we’re releasing a limited-edition double LP of the album in collaboration with our friends over at Qrates. We’re only making 200 physical copies, but the compilation will be on streaming, too. (Owning the album feels way cooler, though—so go grab a copy!)

Thinking back, it’s clear how much the beat-making scene has changed since the early Soundcloud days. There’s less super-heavy sidechaining and everyone’s a little better at mixing, but the real evolution is the community that’s formed around instrumental music. That wasn’t there when we started, and contributing to it has been such an honor.

Thank you to everyone who’s shown us support over the years, listened to our releases, read our articles, or become a fan of the beatmakers in our community. You’ve made NINETOFIVE what it is today. Here’s to our second decade!


Artwork: Brilly @lilly.birilli
Mastering Engineer: Staub Audio Engineering
Animation: @uzb_vid
Executive Producer: Luciano Brougham
Staff: Vince Nav, Divine, Vito Sensewars, Tima Rakhim.

Devastate Forever & Steezyasfuck Familia